Flip a coin


Flip a coin. . . . This is a secret technique of many prominent executives.

Because sometimes it doesn’t matter what decision you make, as long as you make one. Then you just stick to it, having confidence in your having brought about the outcome. - Jay Carter

Sometimes, we are truly ambivalent. We don’t know what we want. The scales are balanced, fifty-fifty.

Flip a coin.

If you don’t like the decision the coin just made for you, at least you’ll know you know what you want.


Say what you really want


What do you want? No, I’m not asking what thing you want, but rather what is it about that thing that you are seeking?

Get to the root of your search. Do you want a new car?

Do you want reliable transportation, or do you want the prestige that comes from driving a shiny new vehicle?

Do you really want to do that kind of work, or do you just want the money and prestige you hope it will bring?

Do you want a romantic relationship?



Don’t take storms personally

Lifehouse - Storm


Sometimes, storms aren’t about us.

Sometimes, friends or loved ones will attack us for no apparent reason.

They’ll fuss, fume, and snap at us. When we ask them why, they’ll say, “Oh, I’m sorry. I had a bad day at work.”

But we still feel hurt and upset.

Hold people accountable for their behaviour. Don’t let people treat you badly.

But don’t take the storms in their lives personally. These storms may have nothing to do with you.

Seek shelter if necessary. Get away from curt friends until they have time to calm down; then approach when it’s safe. If the storm isn’t about you, there’s nothing you need to do.

Would you try to stop the ocean waves by standing in the surf with your arms outstretched?


Say whatever. Let the storms blow through. 


Be persistent


Most of us are persistent. We persistently dwell.

We have persistently tried to change what we cannot, usually a circumstance or someone else’s behaviour.

Takebehaviourergy, that persistence, that determination, that almost obsessive resolve, and persevere with the things you can do.

Don’t push.

Let go of concern about the seemingly impossible tasks in your life.

Softly, steadily, like the rain, let your kind spirit naturally remove the obstacles in your path.

Life is better when we flow.


But sometimes it takes a persistent flow to change the things we can. Enough water, persistently applied, can be more powerful than rock. 



A keto diet for beginners



The ketogenic diet is a special diet that helps the body to burn off fat rapidly. The ketogenic diet helps the body achieve full performance, good health, mental health and weight loss. It is a diet with much-reduced carbohydrates which turns the body into a mechanism that burns off fat. The ketogenic diet, which is also called a keto diet is planned strategically to result in ketosis. Ketosis occurs naturally in the body to aid survival when the intake of food is short. Ketones, which are little bodily fuel molecules are produced in the process of ketosis, as a substitute for the low supply of glucose (blood sugar). Ketones are created from the fat breakdown, in the liver.





Do not fear mistakes; there are none.- Miles Davis

Life is a jazz tune. Sometimes it’s raucous, sometimes blue, but always full of unexpected twists and turns, and here and there a delightful new sound emerges.

Viewed from a staunch classical viewpoint we might be tempted to call the new note or harmonization a mistake, but in the free-flowing world of jazz, it becomes just another piece of the melodic whole.



Move your center


Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might- Ecclesiastes 9:10


Move from your centre.  It’s a lesson I learned in aikido. But it’s more than a lesson about martial arts; it’s an ancient lesson about how we’re to live.

Try this exercise. Walk across the room wishing you were someplace else-in your chair, in your car, or with your friend. Then do an activity for five minutes, like washing dishes, concentrating the entire time on something else you’d rather be doing, or something you’re worried about. Then, walk back to where you started.



Respect the powers that be

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I watched the man out the window as he dragged his kayak out to sea. Just as he’d get ready to launch, a huge frothy wave would come barreling over the top of him.

The kayak would fly off in one direction. Then I’d see a paddle emerge from the sea. He’d walk back to his boat, try again, only to have himself and the boat tossed around by the wave.

Finally, the last wave took the boat and threw it all the way to shore. When the man, in his thirties, stood up, he looked up at the heavens and stretched out his arms.





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