Stop depriving yourself


Stop depriving yourself of what feels comfortable, right, and good to you.

Some of us grew up in environments that were emotionally deprived.

Being happy and enjoying life wasn’t allowed.

Emotional deprivation was the theme.

Many of us learned to continue this pattern in our adult lives.

We chose relationships with people who didn’t feel good to us.

We chose jobs that felt uncomfortable.

Many of us have heard stories of people who are addicted to feeling miserable.

It’s easy to see when other people are fostering deprivation and misery in their lives; it’s more difficult to discern when the person is us.

We may be so used to feeling bad that we genuinely don’t know what feels right to us.

You won’t know what feels right to you until you relax and learn to identify how you feel.

Let go of your attraction to misery.

Walk toward what feels comfortable to your heart, mind, body, and soul.

Lighten up.

Let yourself get comfortable with what feels good to you.

Do you know what feels good?

Do you know what you like?

One day, a friend was getting his back rubbed, “That feels good,” he said. “It’s supposed to,” the person rubbing his back said to him.

Become conscious as you go through your daily life.

Go on a treasure hunt.

Find out what feels good to you.


You just might discover that there are more treasures and pleasures in this world than you thought.




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