Predict Your Failures


Most individuals expect that they can't accomplish anything of value in their lives - and they are seldom disappointed.  The sad thing is they could make a big difference in this world if they didn't anticipate failure. "There isn't a person anywhere," asserted Henry Ford, "who isn't capable of doing more than he thinks he can." Even the most gifted individuals - whether plumbers, poets, or pediatricians - will not accomplish much in this world, however, unless they free themselves from their self-imposed limitations. Confidence is everything when it comes to achieving success.

Lack of faith in their own abilities is the main reason that most people don't come close to achieving their full potential.

Self-doubt is much more prevalent than you may think.

Everyone in this world, in fact, harbors self-doubt to some degree.

Like virtually everyone else in this world, you can accomplish more than you think you can.

Most of your limitations are in your mind.

The danger is that your false self-doubts can become real.

Negative expectations bring about negative results.

When you keep saying that things won't work out for you, you will get to be right about it.

To look at this another way, predict your failures and you will become a highly successful prophet with an impressive track record.

It is important that you ignore any self-talk about why you can't accomplish something significant.

Just as important, you must ignore other people who are just too willing to talk you out of trying something challenging.

When you have faith in your abilities, it matters little when others say that your biggest goals cannot be achieved.

In fact, if you have a winning attitude, you will be motivated even more to accomplish your goals when someone declares that these goals are unattainable.

You will also discover the incredible satisfaction that comes from doing what others say you aren't capable of doing.

We all want to leave a mark on this world.

We want to know that our life matters, that we make a difference somehow.

So don't let your past failures hold you back.

It's easy to let failure go to your head.

If you have recently been experiencing obscurity, low self-esteem, unhappiness, or frustration, you have likely been doing something wrong.

Don't buy into the sentimental notion that success is an absurd, erratic thing attainable only by a few of the extremely talented.

You have to break out of the rut and find some mountain to climb.

"Argue for your limitations," warmed Richard Bach, "and sure enough they are yours."

You shouldn't settle for less than you are capable of attaining.

Why settle for average when your talents - combined with motivation and effort - can put you far above average?

'Whether it's making new friends or having a more fulfilling career, a dream not acted upon will remain just a dream.

The strongest single factor in attaining any one of your dreams is self-esteem - believing you have talent and creativity, believing you deserve your dream, and believing that it is possible for you to attain the dream.

All things considered, the greatest failure is the person who doesn't try.

When you spot an opportunity, you must be willing to do your best to capitalize on it.

Give yourself permission to try and give yourself permission to fail!

Failure will bring out your ignorance. Celebrate both your failure and your ignorance, because if you do, you will become wiser. And don't forget to give yourself permission to succeed.

With success, you will become even wiser.

Roman poet Virgil concluded, "They can because they think they can."

You must convince yourself that your limits are smaller and fewer than the imaginary ones you have been subjecting yourself to.

Just getting by when you can do much better is no way to spend the rest of your life.

There comes a time when you must get your act together and show the world and yourself what you can do.






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